I don’t know what I’m interested in…

It’s important to remember that interests only describe one facet of who you are, so they can’t predict exactly which career path is right for you. You must take into account your skills and abilities, and your values as you go through self-assessment.

Take interest and personality inventories in the Piper Center. Just make an appointment to meet with a Piper Center coach on Handshake, and they will help you determine which assessment is most appropriate for you.

Ask people who know you well (relatives, friends, supervisors) where they think your interests, skills, and values lie.

Try journaling.  It is another excellent way to work through the self-assessment process. Helpful questions to ponder include:

  • What do you enjoy doing? (What makes the time pass quickly? What is so natural that you can’t help but do it?)
  • What did you always enjoy doing as a kid? How did you spend your free time?
  • What do you most enjoy thinking about? Where do your thoughts seem to wander?
  • How do opinions or outside influences (family, friends, professors, etc.) impact your academic/experiential/career choices?
  • Where do you see yourself 5 years from now… 10 years from now?

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