I want to know what I can do with my major.

The idea that there are majors that don’t lead to jobs is a myth, especially at a liberal arts college, where students are well-educated in a breadth of subjects beyond their major, so they are prepared to function in many areas in the work world.

Also, careers are not always mapped one-to-one with academic majors; any major can prepare you for a number of different careers. Almost every career field includes people who majored in a wide range of academic fields. If you don’t believe us, try this:

Visit our Online Alumni Directory. Log in with your St. Olaf account (or create an account) and choose to do a search. Try doing a simple search by major, choosing anything in the “major” field. From the list of alums that results, click on them one at a time and view what their majors were and what they are currently doing. Or try a second search by setting major back to “Not Selected” and choose any occupation. From the list of alums who are doing that occupation, click on several and see what their majors were. You will be surprised at the variety!

But, if you really want to know how different majors can link closely to different career areas, try these sites:

Come in to the Piper Center and check out the books in our resource library that provide descriptions of jobs and careers within each major or field of study.

Attend departmental career panels to hear alums talk about what they do and have the opportunity to ask them questions. Watch for posters, weekly emails and check Handshake.

Remember, you are not bound to career areas that relate to your major!

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