Internship Database Information

The St. Olaf Internship Database includes information from over 1100 internships submitted by graduating seniors from the Class of 2018, Class of 2017, or Class of 2016. Each internships in the database was highlighted by an Ole as being especially meaningful for their own career exploration and professional development.  33% of the internships took place outside of Minnesota and 11% took place outside of the United States.

To access the database you must use your St. Olaf username (do not include “”) and password.






Internship Database Search Tips

1. Search by Industry – the following industry areas are included: Arts (Management, Performing and Visual); Business; Communications; Counseling and Social Services; Education; Environment & Sustainability; Government, Public Policy, and Legal Careers; Healthcare; Journalism; Nonprofits, Social Impact, and Ministry; Science and Lab Careers; Sports Management and Recreation; and Technology and Engineering.
2. Search by Major and/or Concentration – use the keyword search
3. Search by Location — when searching  by state spell out the full name (i.e., Wisconsin, District of Columbia), not the abbreviation
4. Search by International Internships — type “INTL” in the “search” bar