Martin Luther Schule Teacher Award


The Martin Luther Schule Teacher Award is open to all graduating seniors interested in teaching at the Martin Luther Schule located in Rimbach, Germany. During the years of reconstruction in Germany from 1948-68, the institution drew support from this tradition with an English teacher selected each year from the senior class at St. Olaf College. Today the school is supported by state funds, although it continues to frame its studies in the educational tradition of the Lutheran church. In 2002, it renewed its relationship with St. Olaf, offering a position for an English teacher from the graduating class of 2002.

The Position

The position is a half-time position teaching English and other topics as needed at the Martin Luther Schule (a Gymnasium program) with students ranging from ages 10-14.  Most of this will be substitute teaching for absent teachers in English and other topics as needed, some will be tutoring students during free times. Students are also invited to attend advanced English discussion courses that you may lead (age 14-18) and present on relevant American history and American culture topics.

The position is open to graduating seniors who have excelled in any major with demonstrated communication skills. The primary requirements are a self-starter mentality, flexibility and independence in collaboration, thorough knowledge of English, and basic proficiency in German equivalent to fourth semester college German.

The appointment also expects a commitment to school and community activities beyond classroom instruction, e.g. extracurricular activities and field trips. For example, many teachers have co-lead the MLS’s English Drama club, Centre Stage.

The Award

The Martin Luther Schule Teacher Award seeks to advance shared traditions between Germany and the United States and specifically between the Martin Luther Schule and St. Olaf College. The Award offers transportation, a stipend for a summer language course, and a monthly stipend to teach at the Martin Luther Schule in Rimbach, Germany (located near the university town of Heidelberg). The Award is a competition open to all graduating seniors across all disciplines at St. Olaf College.

  •     Transportation from the USA to Germany up to $1,500
  •     Support for Language course at the University of Heidelberg up to $600
  •     Part-time student tuition at the University of Heidelberg for a year, schedule permitting
  •     A public transportation pass for the regional bus/rail lines.
  •     Stipend for 10 months of half-time work from September – July at approximately 500 € per month
  •     Room and board with a host family


Interested students are encouraged to meet with Amanda Randall (, Tomson 340), Assistant Professor of German and Chair of Rimbach Selection Committee.Applications are due at the end of the day on March 31, 2021.

The final decision for the appointment is made by the Director of Martin Luther Schule. Apply in Handshake and attach the following:

  1. A cover letter
  2. resume of pertinent courses and experiences
  3. An unofficial transcript (saving file as a pdf; official transcript required if selected)
  4. A sample of critical or creative writing from the past two years that best demonstrates your use of English (please limit the sample to a maximum of two pages)
  5. A completed Rimbach Application Form with questions on teaching in a German GymnasiumApplicants will also be invited to complete a half-hour interview with the Rimbach Teacher Selection Committee.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Self-starter mentality and the ability to be proactive in identifying opportunities to contribute at the Martin Luther Schule
  • Thorough knowledge of the English language (verbal and written) with expressed interest in language learning by immersion and formal rules of grammar
  • GPA of 3.20 in the candidate’s major, 3.00 overall GPA
  • Intellectual strengths demonstrated in written and oral projects done for coursework at St. Olaf
  • Basic German language proficiency at the fourth semester level
  • Flexibility and resilience in work with students ranging from 10 – 18.
  • Fluency in the full range of liberal arts topics that comprise the education of Gymnasium students in Germany
  • By law, employment at German schools is contingent on being vaccinated against measles.

Application Process

* Apply through Handshake by the end of the day on March 31, 2021.

Assistance uploading documents available at the Piper Center for Vocation and Career.

Martin Luther Schule Selection Committee Members:

Anthony Bateza, Assistant Professor of Religion
Erik Grell ’05, Assistant Director of the Institute for Freedom and Community, Rimbach Teaching Fellow 2005-2006
Susan Huehn, Associate Professor of Nursing
Amanda Randall, Assistant Professor of German


Some Rimbach teachers below have email links.  Please feel free to email these people for advice and information about the program.  They will be happy to respond to your questions. For contact information of other St. Olaf College graduates sent to the Martin-Luther-Schule, please email Amanda Randall (

2019-20 – Alex Kim, Music
2018-19 – Sophie Buchda, Psychology
2016-17 –Christopher Alexander, Music
2015-16 – Thomas Lambert
2014-15 – Johnna Purchase
2013-14 – Molly McDermott
2012-13 – Luke Obermann, Mathematics & Psychology
2011-12 – Ian Hathway, English
2010-11 – Michael Lenz, Music & Religion
2009-10 – Devin Horne, German & English
2008-09 – Laura Schaefer, German & Biology
2007-08 – Molly Sell, Music & Management Studies
2006-07 – Kate Olson, German
2005-06 – Erik Grell, History & German
2004-05 – Sarah Steingas, Philosophy & Math
2003-04 – Linda Johnke, Theatre & Art
2002-03 – Erin Birch, Political Science