Medicine Scholarships

Kauffman Fellowship

Through the generosity of Michael G. Kauffman M.D., Ph.D. ’85, the Kauffman Fellowship will award one student $3500.00 to support a 10-12 week summer research position in a biomedical laboratory pertinent to the student’s interest. The research should be in the area of modern biology relevant to medicine, i.e., molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, biochemistry, etc. First-year students, Sophomores, and Juniors are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to students with significant science coursework. The deadline for submission of applications is in mid-January and applicants will be informed of the results by early March.
Deadline: mid-January, annually 

PATH Siemens Ingenuity Fellowship

The inaugural year of the program offers six paid fellowship opportunities focused on providing meaningful research and laboratory experiences, and exposing students to career opportunities in global health. The program will engage university students in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math) in hands-on projects that serve society by accelerating high-impact, low-cost solutions to some of the world’s most pressing health needs.

Lambaréné Schweitzer Fellows Program

The Lambaréné Schweitzer Fellows Program sends four medical students each year to work for three month rotations at the Schweitzer Hospital in Gabon in the fields of surgery, internal medicine, and pediatrics. Fellows work as junior physicians, supervised by hospital medical staff. Fellows are eligible for pediatrics, medicine, or surgery rotations. Third-year medical students are eligible to apply. You must speak French.
Deadline: December 

Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowships

Provides medical students, interns, residents, fellows and postdocs, plus graduate-level engineering and science students with an intensive, year-long, project-based experience in biomedical technology invention. Successful applicants will be awarded a named fellowship.
Deadline: Early December 

Hartford Hospital

Pre-medical students are offered an introduction to research methodology, patient treatment, and ethical issues in medicine as well as exposure to a broad spectrum of health care providers within a large community teaching hospital. The program takes place from June – August. Eligibility: Pre-med students completing their junior or senior year by the end of May. $2,500 stipend for ten weeks Contact person: Marjorie Bingham, Program Director Department of Medical Education (860)545-2536
Deadline: February 

Matina S. Horner, Ph.D. Summer Research Fellowships in Eating Disorders

Ten-week summer research fellowships at Harvard Medical School and/or Massachusetts General Hospital. Open to undergrads and grad students – Deadline: mid-March. For application and more info, call (617) 236-7766.
Deadline: Contact office 

American Heart Association Undergraduate Student Research Program

Program offers students to explore careers in heart or stroke research in cardiovascular research laboratories in California, Nevada or Utah for 10 weeks during the summer to work under the supervision of experienced scientists. Projects range from basic molecular research to direct physiological studies. Some opportunities for participation in more clinical investigations also available. This program is open to students of Junior or Senior status enrolled in a college or university at time of application, attend an institution in California, Nevada or Utah or be a resident of one of these states. Must have completed a combined total of at least four semesters of six quaters of biological sciences, physics or chemistry. Must have completed at least one quarter of calculus, statistics, computational methods or computer science. $4000 stipend for 10 weeks of summer research.
Application information and forms available on web. For more information, contact: American Heart Association, Western States Affiliate, Research Department, 1710 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA, 94010-1317, (650) 259-6700,
Deadline: Usually early February

The Villers Fellowship

The Villers Fellowship for Health Care Justice was created in 2005 by Philippe Villers, Founder and President of Families USA. Each year, the Villers Fellow works in our health policy department and assists our organization’s efforts to improve access to health coverage for all Americans, especially for low-income and other vulnerable communities. Specifically, the Villers Fellow will conduct research on a range of health care policy issues, and write and contribute to publications that are relevant to health reform implementation and other health policy issues.
The application deadline for the Villers Fellowship is January 10, 2012

The Wellstone Fellowship

The Wellstone Fellowship for Social Justice is designed to foster the advancement of social justice through participation in health care advocacy work that focuses on the unique challenges facing many low-income and minority communities. Through this fellowship, Families USA hopes to expand the pool of talented social justice advocates from underrepresented economic, racial, and ethnic minority groups, including from the American Indian & Alaska Native, Asian American, Black/African American, Latino, and Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander communities. The Wellstone Fellow plays an integral role in the work of Families USA’s Field and Minority Health Initiatives Departments.
The application deadline for the Wellstone Fellowship is January 31, 2011.