Marketing, Advertising, and Digital Design

Marketing, Advertising, and Digital Design

Prepare portfolio products in marketing, advertising, and digital design in partnership with DiSCO.

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Deadline: Monday, December 20th, 2o21 11:59 pm

Program Overview

MADD hours will be divided into two activities: team training and teamwork.
During MADD team training students will receive two hour training sessions three times per week led by Fernando Sevilla, Associate Director of Digital Design in the Marketing and Communications Department where they will learn fundamental concepts, analyze and dissect case studies, and develop their own personal projects. This training will focus on how to apply simple marketing concepts to complex projects and on how to become a life-long learner that can adapt to new theories, technology, and software in an ever-changing field.
During MADD teamwork students will work with the Marketing and Communications department to strategize and develop a real, inquiry-to-prospect marketing campaign that will help a campus department or local non profit organization.


  • To provide opportunities for students who have an interest in careers within creative fields to learn about the fundamentals of Marketing, Advertising, and Digital Design.
  • To develop an effective and impactful experiential learning opportunity for students.
  • To create opportunities for students to apply newly learned skills to real marketing projects that will have an impact on a local non profit organization, or an office on campus.
  • To lay the foundation needed for future marketing professionals to find resources and “learn how to learn” the technical/software skills and experience that their future careers will need
  • To create a space where students can explore how to put their liberal arts education to use in a real world setting.
  • With the objective of gaining exposure to the marketing and advertising world in mind, there will also be at least one off-campus visit to an agency in the Minneapolis/St. Paul. Students will get to see the work environment, talk to marketing professionals about their career paths, and hopefully get a better sense of what it takes to pursue a professional future in these creative fields.


  • Junior or senior with a strong academic record (exceptional sophomores may be considered)
  • Any academic discipline is welcome, although Studio Art majors, Management or Film/Media Studies concentrators may be particularly well aligned for the opportunity
  • Strong interest in the subject matter
  • Able to effectively work as part of a team
  • Relevant experience in the arts, graphic design, photography, and/or marketing


Unpaid. Preference will be given to students who are willing to apply for academic internship credit through the Piper Center.

*Students are not eligible to apply for internship funding for this particular internship opportunity through the Piper Center

Application Materials

  • Cover letter which includes a personal statement about why you are interested in this internship, including the name and contact information of a professor who is willing to serve as a reference
  • Resume
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Interview required

Application Deadline

Deadline: Sunday, October 24st, 2021