Strategy Case Challenge

Strategy Case Challenge

Gain technical skills needed in the consulting industry while applying them to a consulting case challenge with regional start-up clients.

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Program Overview

In the Strategy Case Challenge, student analysts complete semester-long projects and gain valuable work experience, analytical skills, and business acumen. Students will receive training on advanced Excel techniques, the start-up culture, team building, and professional communication. Faculty and career mentors provide resources and guidance throughout projects to help students understand and address ambiguous business challenges.

This program is run by the St. Olaf Consulting Group (SOCG), a student consulting group that works with clients to solve real-world business problems. SOCG is an extension of the St. Olaf Management Consulting Club, an organization that seeks to provide support and resources for motivated students who are interested in pursuing careers in consulting.

Program Expectations

Students can expect to commit between 5-8 hours/week over a 9-week timeframe to work on this project. Students must be available for the project kick-off, trainings throughout the project, weekly status meetings, and a final presentation. While many meetings will be held in-person, there will be virtual meetings with clients as well.

During their time on this program, students will develop analytical and problem-solving skills while gaining real-world consulting experience. They will gain experience collaborating with a small team to analyze a complex business problem facing one of our clients. Tasks will include performing market research and analyze data to guide the development of data-driven insights and present recommendations to C-level executives during a final presentation. 

Program Partners

St. Olaf Consulting Club

The St. Olaf Management Consulting Club is composed of motivated undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing careers in management consulting. The club works to prepare students for the recruitment process, network with industry professionals, and develop technical skills. Members have gone on to careers at leading consulting firms including the Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, McKinsey & Company, and Analysis Group.


Blue Water Farms

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EZ2SEE Products LLC

Entrepreneur Edward Cohen, affected by RP (retinitis pigmentosa) which steals peripheral vision, light sensitivity, acuity and eventually most or all of one’s eye-sight, created his own business in 2015 to help the blind and visually impaired community. His organizational products such as weekly calendars transcend disability. Cohen learned that people of all ages with or without disabilities were customers, and even normally sighted people found his products useful.

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