On-Campus Recruiting and Employer Event Participation Policies for Students

On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) provides a convenient venue for students and employers to connect directly on campus. Employers recruit on our campus based on the strength of our reputation, the quality of our students, and the integrity with which our students conduct themselves. Your participation in OCR requires an understanding that your conduct impacts the reputation of St. Olaf College, our ability to develop new employer relationships, and the long-term ability for other students to connect with premiere employers through OCR. The following participation policy has been created to ensure this important program continues to meet the high standards expected by the Piper Center for Vocation and Career, students and participating employers.

Your participation in On-Campus Recruiting is contingent on your fulfillment of the following expectations:

General Responsibilities:

  1. All application materials will be submitted through Handshake before employer deadlines.
  2. While Handshake provides helpful reminders, it is your responsibility to be organized and remember all interview dates, times, and locations. Be on time and prepared for all meetings, events, and interviews.
  3. You understand that applying for a position indicates a serious interest. If your availability or interest in an employer or position changes, you will provide timely communication to cancel or amend the application.


Professional conduct obligates you to keep all scheduled interview appointments. You may cancel your scheduled interview in Handshake up to two business days’ before the event. In the event of an emergency and you must cancel with less than two business days’ notice, you should contact a staff member in the Piper Center for Vocation and Career either in-person or by phone. (Voicemail or email will not be accepted). Please make a note of the day and time you called, as well as the person with whom you spoke. This policy also applies to any off-campus recruiting events with employers.

Cancellation is not an option for employer programs or employer-facing leadership events for which you have applied and are accepted.   Once accepted, your attendance is mandatory so you are encouraged to consider your academic, work, and/or personal obligations prior to submitting an application to minimize the chances of conflict around the program dates.

No Shows:

When you schedule an interview with an employer, you are making a commitment to attend. If you do not show up for an interview, you will send a letter of apology to the employer within 24 hours, and forward a copy to the Piper Center for Vocation and Career.   You understand that a no show may result in the suspension of on-campus recruiting privileges.

No shows for employer programs or employer-facing leadership events will also require a letter of apology and may result in additional sanctions as determined by the Director of the Piper Center for Vocation and Career after an in-person meeting.

Reneging on a Job Offer:

It is wrong to renege on an offer of employment after you have accepted. Doing so, degrades the reputation of St. Olaf College and our students – both present and future – and so this behavior is taken very seriously by the college. When you accept a job offer you are ethically obligated to follow through on your commitment with the employer. You should understand that a verbal acceptance is also considered a formal acceptance and therefore it is strongly recommended that you wait until you receive a written offer and have had an opportunity to ask any questions before you formally accept an offer. Please see the “Evaluating Job Offers” for helpful information when considering an offer of employment.

Once you have accepted the offer, either verbally or in writing, you must withdraw from any other searches in which you are being considered.   It is unethical to continue searching for a “better” offer after you have accepted one. Any student who reneges on an offer gained through the On-Campus Recruiting program will be required to write a letter of apology to the employer.  Additionally, the student may be asked to meet with the Director of the Piper Center and participation in on-campus recruiting program may be suspended.

For any situation in which you are unsure of what to do, please contact the Piper Center for Vocation and Career to meet with a coach as soon as possible before taking any action. Appointments can be made in Handshake 24 hours in advance, but if you have an urgent offer deadline please call or stop by the office to seek immediate assistance.

Offer Deadline Guidelines for On-Campus Recruiting

The Piper Center staff believe that the best employment decisions for both students and employers are those that are made without pressure and with the greatest amount of information. To best align with our peer institutions and to provide a common understanding for recruiters and students, we recommend the following guidelines:

  • Students returning with a full time offer from a summer internshipshould have until at least October 15thto accept their full time offer.  Students should not be penalized for waiting until the deadline to accept the offer.
  • Students receiving an internship or full time offer through on-campus recruitingshould have a minimum of three weeks from offer receipt to deadline.  Students should not be penalized for waiting until the deadline to accept.

Additional References:

The Piper Center, the St. Olaf College community, and employers are expected to abide by the guidelines set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) in the Rights and Responsibilities for Job Seekers, Employers, and Career Centers developed by the NACE Principles for Ethical Professional Practice Committee.