New Faculty Orientation

New Faculty Orientation – Fall 2020

Due to the constraints of social distancing and the college’s move to hybrid teaching, teaching workshops and orientation to college have been rescheduled and modified for accessibility and your convenience. These activities will take place: Monday, August 10 from 9:00am-4:00pm and Tuesday, August 11 from 9:00am-12pm. The meetings will all be conducted remotely, most likely through Zoom.

What will happen during this day and a half? A detailed schedule with links to join our meetings together and to access our shared Moodle site will be sent well in advance of August 10 but here is an overview:

On the 10th you will first be welcomed by Marci Sortor, Provost and Dean of the College. Then we will undertake some icebreaker/small group activities.  It is good to get to know other new teachers–they can be sources of information and support.

We will then move into a series of workshops and independent activities, all based in our shared Moodle site.  These will simultaneously introduce you to the capabilities of Moodle, which is the college’s learning management system (LMS) that you will be using for your classes, and to key concepts and best practices for everything from the first day of class to inclusive teaching to assignment design–all in the context of hybrid course delivery. In many of these workshops, we will be joined by staff from Instructional Technology who can answer your questions and provide tips.  These workshops will continue (with breaks of course!) through the rest of August 10, and the morning of August 11.

In addition to the workshop activities, the Moodle site will contain information on important offices that support your teaching: the Registrar, the Center for Advising and Academic Support, the Dean of Students etc.  This information will be presented in short videos and through key links, all of which you can explore on your own time.  In other words the teaching workshops will be synchronous (we all do them together at the same time) and the general orientation to the college will be asynchronous (you do it on your own when it suits your schedule).

You are encouraged to explore the CILA website, especially the resources under Hybrid Teaching and Learning. This site is constantly being updated, and already contains many helpful materials.

Welcome to St. Olaf and we look forward to meeting you and supporting your teaching!

Hybrid Teaching and Learning

Resources for the First Day of Class