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LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an on-demand learning platform that is an excellent tool to help you gain new skills and knowledge that can support your career journey. The platform is available for free to all students at St. Olaf College and is a great resource to enhance your professional, technical, and career skill sets.  The learning and training modules will allow you to develop soft skills, technical competencies, relevant professional vocabulary, and the general knowledge to enhance your engagement with employers and while networking.  In short, it’s a great way to stand out!

Sign in to LinkedIn Learning using your St. Olaf Username and Password and explore the hundreds of training modules.  For general assistance, see our list of FAQs.LinkedIn's 2020 Grad's Guide to Getting Hired

Skills Collections

The Piper Center has developed curated learning collections based on your area of career interest to help connect you to relevant training modules.  Students of all majors are encouraged to explore many different pathways to build skills that are used in the world of work.  If you would like assistance identifying which modules are right for you, you are invited to meet with the relevant Piper Center coach.

Skills for the workplace

Interested in developing professional skills that are relevant for the workplace?  Check out the LINKEDIN LEARNING PATHWAYS developed by the St. Olaf Human Resources Department.  These learning collections are not only relevant for St. Olaf employees but for students and emerging professionals as well!

Additional Information:

Interested in learning more about using LinkedIn Learning?  Check out the tutorial: How to Use LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is available on smartphones and tablets with Linkedin Learning’s apps for iOS and Android.

Other Resources

To suggest other relevant skill building resources, please email Bryan Shealer (shealer).