Peer Advisors and Operations Team

Peer Advisors are students who are trained to answer your questions about resumes, cover letters, internships, job searches, and events.

Connect with a Peer Advisor by accessing the yellow Live Chat link on the Piper Center website during the following times:
Mon., Wed. and Fri. (11 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
Tues. and Thurs. (12 – 5 p.m.)

Peer Advisors

Aml Mohamed ’21

Individual Major – International Youth Development

Ask me about
Individual Major

Ben Bartusek ’22

Social Studies Education, History, Management Studies

Ask me about
Financial Planning Industry, Entrepreneurship, Management

Kgomotso Magagula ’21

Sociology & Anthropology, Psychology, Race & Ethnic Studies

Ask me about
International Students, Pre-law, Sociology & Anthropology

Dogukan Gunaydin ’21

Economics, Computer Science, Statistics & Data Science

Ask me about
FinanceEntrepreneurship, International Students

Folarin Bandele ’21

Sociology & Anthropology, Chinese 

Ask me about
Research Experiences, Marketing, Internship Funding

Sofia Moran ’21

Sociology & Anthropology, RACE Concentration

Ask me about
Social Impact, Research Experiences

Julia Himmelberger ’22

Political Science, French, International Relations 

Ask me about
Social Impact, Government, Politics

Lindsey Jansen ’21

Economics, Mathematics, Statistics & Data Science

Ask me about
On-Campus Recruiting, Areas of Business

Sydney Wagner ’21

Economics, Finance

Ask me about
Finance, Banking, On-Campus Recruiting

Amy Requa ’21

Environmental Studies, Ancient Studies

Ask me about
Environmental Justice, Social Impact

Heriberto Lopez ’21

Economics, Statistics & Data Science

Ask me about
R-Studio, SSS, STEM Research

Grace Hermes ’21

History, English, Women & Gender Studies

Ask me about
Undergraduate Research, Fine Arts

Xia Xiong ’22

Sociology & Anthropology, RACE Concentration

Ask me about
TRIO SSS, First-Gen, Education

Skye Nguyen ’21

English, Education

Ask me about
Education (Concentration and Licensure), International Students

Mara Tostengard ’21

Economics, Finance, Nordic Studies

Ask me about
Finance, Banking, On-Campus Recruiting

Emma Aanestad ’22

Psychology, Data Science & Statistics, Educational Studies

Ask me about
Research Experiences, Psychology

Kristian Noll ’21

Political Science, Norwegian 

Ask me about
Pre-Law, Norwegian, German, Political Science

Eli Aronson ’21

B.M. Vocal Performance

Ask me about
Music, Theater

Greta Prokosch ’21

Chemistry, Pre-Med

Ask me about
Pre-Health, Academic Internships

Zibby Trewartha-Weiner ’21

Religion, Race & Ethnic Studies, American Studies

Ask me about
Museum Studies & Social Impact

Rahaf Youssef ’22

Mathematics, Physics, Data Science & Statistics

Ask me about
STEM Research, International Students

Ivet Reyes ’21

Economics, Education, Family Studies

Ask me about
Social Impact, Education (non-licensure), First-Gen Students

Lars Prestemon ’22

Social Work, Family Studies 

Ask me about
Social Impact, Coaching, Sports Recruiting

Wendy Garcia-Torres ’22

Political Science, Sociology & Anthropology, International Relations

Ask me about
Pre-Law, LGBTQ+, Social impact

Operations Team

A.D. Banse ’23

Data Entry

Political Science, Data Science

Amalia Buck ’22

Graphic Design Specialist

English, Studio Art

Amy Imdieke ’21

Writer/Communications Specialist

Chemistry, English

Lauren Markowski ’21

Data Analyst

Economics, Mathematics

Gretchen Ohlmacher ’21

Data Entry

History, Russian

Prabesh Paudel ’22

Alumni Administrator

Computer Science, Mathematics

Owen Pederson ’22

Alumni Administrator

Economics, Political Science

Soren Saunders ’21

Graphic Design Specialist

Biology, Studio Art

Maggie Wilson ’21

Multimedia Specialist

Economics, Management Studies

Madelyn Wood ’22

Graphic Design Specialist