Peer Advisors and Operations Team

Peer Advisors are students who are trained to answer your questions about resumes, cover letters, internships, job searches, and events.

Connect with a Peer Advisor by visiting the Piper Center in Tomson Hall, 280.

Peer Advisors

Emma Aanestad ’22


A.D. Banse ’23

Political Science

Kenny Beymer ’22

English, Political Science

Anna Brown ’23


Sandra Chimutsipa ’23


Nina Dang ’22

Political Science

Wendy Garcia-Torres ’22

Political Science, Sociology & Anthropology

Sophie Gossard ’23

Political Science

Giovanni Green ’23


Belky Hernandez ’23

Political Science, Psychology

Julia Himmelberger ’22

French, Political Science

Kayli Keim ’23

Music, Economics

Tyga Kinsumbya ’23


Kate Miller ’23


Shaelyn Muldowney ’23

Elective Studies in Arts Administration

Nhu Ba Nguyen ’23

Quantitative Economics

Lars Prestemon ’22

Social Work 

Zhanat Seitkuzhin ’22

Quantitative Economics

Jobanjit Singh ’22

Quantitative Economics

Rhiannon Skauge ’23


Lucia Wyland ’23

Political Science, Spanish

Xia Xiong ’22

Education Studies (Non-licensure), Sociology & Anthropology 

Kristian Noll ’21

Norwegian, Political Science

Aya Kamil ’22

Political Science

Operations Team

Amalia Buck ’22

Graphic Design Specialist

English, Studio Art

Asa Gold ’22

Data Analyst

Quantitative Economics

Sydney Krane ’23

Database Management, Data Entry

Chemistry, English

Prabesh Paudel ’22

Alumni Coordinator, Data Analyst

Computer Science, Mathematics

Owen Pederson ’22

Database Management, Data Analyst


Jen Terrones-Rodriguez ’22

Writer/Communications Specialist

English, Women & Gender Studies

Madelyn Wood ’22

Media Specialist/Graphic Design