How do you arrange an informational interview?

You can set up an informational interview by email, by letter, or by phone.

By email (or letter)

  • For examples of an approach by letter or by email
  • Follow up with a phone call — it is appropriate to do so
  • Do NOT enclose a copy of your resume.  Including a resume makes it appear that you are interviewing for a job rather than asking for information

By phone

  • Introduce yourself
  • State that you would like to arrange an informational interview for 20 minutes
  • Ask if the person would be able to meet with you
  • Offer to meet at the person’s location and at a convenient time
  • Be prepared to conduct the informational interview over the phone (in case the interviewer is free and would prefer to hold the interview at that time)
If the person is unable to meet with you, ask whether
  • You could call back at a more convenient time
  • The person has time right now to answer some of your questions

How do you prepare for an informational interview?