Practice: How can you practice before your interview?

People who are skilled at interviewing practice before every interview. They spend many hours preparing and several hours practicing answers to questions they might be asked.

If you want to interview well, you will need to practice, too.

How do you practice for an interview?

  • Review the job description, your resume and your cover letter
  • Write down a list of questions that you believe the interviewer will ask
  • Look at questions that interviewers typically ask
  • Practice answering the questions aloud — so that you hear how your voice sounds
  • Practice the answers until you find one that feels right to you
  • Aim for answers that are no more than 30-45 seconds long. If the interviewer wants more information, you will receive a follow-up question
  • Ask a friend or advisor to give you questions so that you can practice answering

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Questions: what questions might the interviewer ask?