I have some job areas in mind but need to know more about them…

Log in to VAULT online career library and read through some of the career profiles or further down under Career Advice Articles, read the “A Day in the Life” articles.

Visit O*NET, the Occupational Outlook Handbook or Iseek. Choose the career that interests you and read about the day-to-day activities, training required, job outlook, salary expectations, and more.

Come in to the Piper Center and check out the books in our resource library that describe different jobs or career fields and break them down into specific occupational areas, providing information on what the day-to-work is like, training required, and more.

Talk with someone in that career field! Choose to do an informational interview with them, or even watch what they do through job shadowing. Come in to the Piper Center to learn more about how.

Fill out the Career Exploration Worksheet – Using resources found on the Piper Center ’s website, find the following information for each occupation that is of interest to you. Use more than one source to obtain your data, and incorporate any work experience you have had.

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