Firearms, Weapons & Explosives

St. Olaf is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.  In support of this commitment, St. Olaf expressly prohibits the possession, manufacture, transfer, sale or use of firearms, weapons and explosives on campus.  This prohibition applies to all students, employees, independent contractors, and visitors, including those who have a valid permit to carry a concealed weapon.

With regard to off-campus activities, faculty, staff and students are also prohibited from possessing firearms or other weapons while operating college vehicles, while engaging in college business, or while participating in a St. Olaf event.  This weapons prohibition does not apply to authorized security or law enforcement personnel.

The possession, manufacture, transfer, sale or use of firearms, weapons or explosives (including fireworks), will be subject to confiscation and disciplinary action.

If you are aware that another student or other individual possesses a firearm or other weapon in violation of this policy, you should immediately report the conduct at issue to Public Safety (507-786-3666) or call 911.

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