Vehicle Security and Parking

It is the policy of St. Olaf College that all vehicles operated on campus by students, faculty, or staff must be registered with the Parking Office and display a current parking permit. For additional information concerning parking, please refer to the Parking Policy on the St. Olaf web page or call the Parking Office at 2972. St. Olaf College is not responsible for theft or damage that may occur to vehicles parked on campus. Public Safety officers patrol all parking areas in an attempt to deter this type of activity. If you observe suspicious activity in a parking lot, call Public Safety at 3666. The following suggestions will reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime.


a) Lock your car doors, close all windows, and pocket the keys whenever you leave your vehicle.
b) Do not leave valuables inside your car in plain view. Lock them in the trunk.
c) Don’t advertise expensive stereo equipment.
d) If at all possible, park in well lighted areas.

e) For quick entry, have your keys in hand as you approach your vehicle and look in the back seat before entering.

f) While driving, keep your doors locked to prevent someone from entering your car at a stop light.

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