Federal Internships & Jobs

Federal application materials & hiring processes are very different from those of non-government sectors. Pay close attention to the resources provided below as you prepare to apply.

Academic Quick Guides

The guides linked below provide information about those federal agencies that hire the most people with those majors. They include sample positions and other key information to help you find federal jobs and internships.

Agriculture and Forestry Foreign Languages
Art and Design International Relations
Biological Sciences Legal
Business Math and Statistics
Communications Medical and Public Health
Computer Science and IT Physical Sciences
Education Social Sciences
Engineering Social Work
Environmental Sciences

Federal Jobs by Major – Lists common job titles within the federal government by major most applicable.

Pathways Programs

Effective July 10, 2012, the U.S. Department of State launched the implementation of the new Pathways Internship Program, a paid internship program designed to replace the former Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) and Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP).

The U.S. Department of State will continue to offer both paid internships under the Pathways Internship Program, as well as unpaid opportunities under the U.S. Department of State Student Experience Program (formerly known as Summer, Fall and Spring internships). The Pathways Internships are Civil Service opportunities located mostly in Washington, D.C., while the U.S. Department of State Student Experience Program provides the opportunity to work in U.S. Embassies throughout the world, as well as in various bureaus located in Washington, D.C. This program is designed to provide substantiative experiences in a foreign affairs environment.

Finding Jobs & Internships: Links to Postings

Making the Difference 
Where the Jobs Are – search jobs by Professional Field or Agency

Federal Resumes

Federal Resumes are different from standard industry resumes as they ask for more information than you typically give on a resume. You may want to use the resume builder on USAjobs.gov when you apply to a position. You can also use the samples below to give you an idea of what to include.

Tips for writing your federal resume
Sample Entry-level Information Technology Resume
The Piper Center ‘s Sample Resume
Optional Application for Federal Employment (OF-612)

KSA Writing Tips, Examples & Essay Advice

KSA’s are written statements of your Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities as they pertain to the position you are applying for. Use the following resources to help you write your KSA’s when applying.

KSA Tips
KSA Worksheet
Government Salary Tables

Get a sense of what you could potentially be making working for the federal government!