Quotes from Connections Participants

“I learned a lot about myself in the short time we spent in Boston. Talking to multiple alumni about their experience and also the steps they took to get to the place they are in was really helpful. I got to learn more about the careers related to my field of interest and it was great to know that there are a lot of different routes I could take.”  (Boston Connections participant)

“I was able to get an idea of what sets each consulting company apart, which was really helpful because I could only truly do that by talking with employees of the company and being in the company environment.” (Chicago Connections participant)

“I had a limited view of what I could do before this trip, but I learned that there are so many jobs out there that incorporate aspects of my degree.” (Denver Connections participant)

“I got much more information about what I need to do in order to pursue my career interests in film. It has also helped alleviate my fears around moving to LA. I feel more confident.” (Los Angeles Connections participant)

“This trip allowed me to see the variety of opportunities available outside of the popular roles known to most of the general public.” (Los Angeles Connections participant)

“Thank you so much for putting this trip together. It was one of the best experiences I have had at St. Olaf and I encourage everyone to take part in a Connections trip.” (New York Connections participant)

“I was hesitant about looking into heavily technological fields, but now that I’ve realized the diversity of career opportunities, I’m much more inspired to give it a try.” (San Francisco Connections participant)

“By visiting big tech headquarters, I was able to learn about their branding strategies and their building aesthetics. I learned about the trending vacant positions at these large companies, and have a better idea of what kind of companies to look at for job openings that are relevant to my interests.” (Seattle Connections participant)

“The Connections Program gave me more clarity regarding my career goals.” (Twin Cities Connections participant)

“I know what I want to do, and this helped me figure out paths to get there.” (Twin Cities Connections participant)

“This trip was very helpful in alerting me to all the possibilities available and helping me see the many ways I could succeed professionally in DC.” (Washington D.C. Connections participant)