Minnesota Education Job Fair

(for licensed teachers only) MN Education Job Fair

Thursday, March 30, 2023
10 am – 3 pm

Huntington Bank Stadium – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus

What is the MN Education Job Fair?

Minnesota colleges and universities with teacher preparation programs work together to present this job fair for newly licensed teachers. The fair offers a great opportunity to talk and interview with several school districts within one day! Simultaneously, the fair offers school district representatives the opportunity to interview teacher candidates from institutions nationally recognized as leaders in teacher education programs.

Who can participate?

Candidates must be educated at a Minnesota college or university and be licensed to teach or qualified for an educational service area such as: counselor, speech therapist, social worker, etc. by December 2023.

Who will be there?

The fair attracts districts from many states, with heavy representation from Minnesota. Check out the list of districts registered for the 2023 fair here: https://www.mnedfair.org/districts-at-the-fair

As several of the school districts attending the fair are from outside the Midwest, teachers willing to relocate will benefit greatly from this event. Past Oles have seen teaching outside of Minnesota as a way to gain experience that will help them access a Minnesota position at a later date.

The Minnesota districts that participate in the fair usually build applicant pools from interviews conducted at the fair. A face-to-face encounter with Minnesota district officials makes a stronger impression than paper materials submitted to district offices, so attendance at the fair can be an “in” with Minnesota districts.

What is the registration process?

You will need to register in TWO places: (1) on the fair Handshake page and (2) on the St. Olaf Handshake page. Transportation is not provided by St. Olaf as most attendees have access to transportation after student teaching and/or can carpool together. If you are not able to secure transportation to the fair, please reach out to Zoe Davis in the Piper Center (see below).

Sessions at the fair

Various informational sessions are available to registered attendees. Check the Minnesota Education Job Fair website for session information and times; additional sessions may be added so be sure to revisit the website as the date approaches.

If you have any questions about registration, whether to attend the fair, or about preparing for the fair, reach out at any point by emailing Zoe Davis at davis44@stolaf.edu.