St. Olaf students attending Fall 2022 Recruiting Showcase

Jobs, Internships, Research, and Other Programs in Business

Women Super Pose Statue NYC Connections
Left: Zumratmo Zarifkhonova, Mariam Adamyan, DaraRasmey Eav,
Beibei (Aurora) Zhou, Maheen Asim, Leen Al Saleh, and Millie Thakur pose on the NYC Connections trip in 2024
Right: Sonam Nhasang, Sarah Pellicci, Sarah DeVries, and Jing Han striking a pose on the NYC Connections trip in 2017

Coaching and Resources

Consulting, finance, investments & accounting, human resources, sales & marketing, management, operations, business analysis, and technology are a sampling of business career areas that Oles pursue.

The Piper Center is eager to support you in finding internships and research related to business. Please stop by the Piper Center anytime during business hours to have an initial conversation with a Peer Advisor. When you are ready to go further and meet with our business career coaches Kirsten Cahoon, Bryan Shealer, or Trent Davis, please schedule an appointment through Handshake.

Business 101 Session Recording

Skills Guide (LinkedIn Learning): BusinessCommunication, Marketing and Media

Primary Piper Center Coaches for Business