Experiential Learning Opportunities by Field

Experiential learning is an integral part of every college student’s experience. With today’s competitive job market, it is extremely important that students gain experience in their field before graduation, whether through job shadowing, internships, or informational interviews. These experiences will make you more marketable, whether that be for a potential employer or acceptance into a graduate program. They will also help you to solidify your vocational interests by giving you real life experiences in your area of interest.

The site directories below contain links to organizations where St. Olaf students have interned in the past. First, use these directories to get ideas for potential internship and job shadowing locations and organizations within your specific field of interest. Next, you may find it helpful to explore some of the other majors and see how they relate to your interests. Don’t feel limited to just one area, you may be surprised to see how different fields can overlap!