Experiential Learning Opportunities in Arts Management

Experiential learning opportunities are key when investigating careers focused on serving and studying people, whether through internships, job shadows, or informational interviews.  Below is a list of locations where St. Olaf students have completed arts management related experiential learning activities since 2000. Interns’ majors include: Art, Music, Economics, and Management Studies concentrators. Use this list to get started and to spark your creativity – there are numerous organizations not mentioned here that may also offer opportunities!

How can I find an internship?
Organizations where Oles have interned in the past
General Resources
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How can I find an Internship?

Search by Location

  • Choose an area where you would like to live for an internship
  • Visit the area’s Chamber of Commerce website, which should have a local listing of arts organizations and venues
  • Pick organizations that sound interesting and check out their websites
  • Check out employment opportunities, usually under “about us” or “get involved”
  • If internships are not listed, send and e-mail. They will be able to tell you if seasonal, year-round, or part-time volunteer experiences are available. It never hurts to ask!

Look for Arts Festivals

Summer arts festivals across the country typically need seasonal, summer interns to make their festival run. You can find art festivals of all types including small, rural festivals, destination location or resort town festivals, or festivals associated and sponsored by professional arts organizations. Many even provide housing and a small stipend to offset any potential costs.

  • Utilize online search engines. Google different variations of “arts festivals.” If you look for music festivals, it is helpful to specify “classical music festival.”
  • Newspapers often profile arts festivals. Look for past reviews and articles.
  • Talk to friends involved in the arts. Ask if they have attended or participated in any festivals.
  • Ask professors. They are likely aware of different festivals across the country.

Deadlines for these internships vary, but often occur from January until late March, so begin searching early. If internships are not posted online, don’t be afraid to send an e-mail of inquiry.

Experiential Learning Opportunities in the Fine Arts

Organizations where Oles have interned in the past

General Resources

Where To Look — Piper Center Internship Search Resources
Professional Associations

Types of Organizations to Consider

  • Dance Companies
  • Ballet Companies
  • Opera Companies
  • Symphony Orchestras
  • Performing Arts Venues
  • Theaters
  • Galleries
  • Museums

Types of Jobs Available:

Management Development Human Resources
Set Design Administrative Marketing Education
Recording Stage Management Curatorial Public Relations
New Media Directing Library Front-of-House Services
Costuming Ticketing/Box Office Archives Audience Development
Technical Production


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