Experiential Learning Opportunities in Foreign Language and Area Studies

Experiential learning opportunities are key when investigating careers focused on foreign languages and cultures, whether through internships, job shadows, or informational interviews.  Below is a list of locations where St. Olaf students have completed experiential learning activities related to foreign language and area studies since 2000. Interns’ majors include: Africa and the Americas, Asian Studies, Chinese and China Studies, French, German, Hispanic Studies, Japan Studies, Latin, Latino/Latin American Studies, Middle East Studies, Nordic Studies, Norwegian, Russian Language and Area Studies, and Spanish. Use this list to get started and to spark your creativity – there are numerous organizations not mentioned here that may also offer opportunities!

Organizations where Oles have interned in the past
General Search Resources
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Categories of organizations include:

Organizations where Oles have interned in the past

Africa and the Americas

Asian Studies

Chinese and China Studies



Hispanic Studies, Latino/Latin American Studies, and Spanish

Japanese and Japan Studies

Middle East Studies

Norwegian and Nordic Studies

Russian Language and Area Studies

General Search Resources

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Specific Internship Postings

Professional Organizations

These organizations provide information, networking, and additional training opportunities and may offer student memberships at a discount.

Links which provide additional information beyond internships in the following areas.

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