Questions You May Have

How can I connect with Piper Center Coaches and Peer Advisors?
Virtual Appointments with Career Coaches
Piper Center Coaches are ready to meet with you through Google Meet. Please request an appointment through Handshake. After the appointment is approved, the coach will follow-up with a Google Calendar invitation that includes a Google Meet link.

How can I find internships and jobs that I can do remotely?

In the current climate, organizations may be offering opportunities for employees and interns to work remotely.

What funding will be available?
Students completing unpaid or underpaid summer internships or similar experiences that require a minimum of 4 weeks and 100 hours can apply for Summer 2020 Internship Funding to access both the Piper Center Grant Award and the Johnson Family Opportunity Fund (JFOF) Award. See here for information for additional funding resources.
What should I do if my job or internship offer is withdrawn?
As Summer 2020 approaches, you may have questions about how the response to Covid-19 will affect your summer internship or other employment. Employers are navigating disruptions to their own operations and may be concerned about their ability to host internships and other opportunities. In this climate, employers may re-evaluate the internship and job opportunities they make available to students.
This Frequently Asked Questions resource will provide you with support and guidance as you communicate with employers about potential or planned summer opportunities.You may also reference our Job Searching Guidelines Amidst COVID-19 and Internship Searching Guidelines Amidst COVID-19 which include suggestions and resources to support you.

How can I continue with career exploration and networking?

Throughout the remaining spring semester the Piper Center will offer a variety of virtual events and programs.

How can I develop skills in my free time?
  • LinkedIn Learning is an on-demand learning platform that is an excellent tool to help you gain new skills and knowledge that can support your career journey. The platform is available for free to all students at St. Olaf College.
  • To get you started, see here for a list of Top 10+ Learning Modules for St. Olaf students.
  • We are preparing a set of training modules for particular industries and career interests. Stay tuned for further developments.
Where can I find help with my resume, cover letter or application?
  • Check out the Piper Center resources found in the How-to-Guides section of our homepage.
  • Schedule an appointment with a career coach through Handshake.
I am an international student — what should I do?
We invite you to speak to a Piper Center coach to talk through your specific situation, concerns and questions since there are many factors that you may need to consider. Connect with a Piper Center coach with whom you already have a relationship, or contact Bryan Shealer at
Which companies are hiring?
  • Access this live chart that lists company hiring status.
  • Growjo details the fastest growth companies nationwide.
  • See here for a list of fast-growth MN companies (updated quarterly)
What should I do if I have another question that is not addressed here?
  • Reach out to a coach who can help you get answers to your question.