The Office of the Vice President & Chief Financial Officer provides the college with purchase orders for the procurement of equipment, supplies, and services.

St. Olaf College has joined the ACTC Joint Purchasing Consortium. The consortium currently has contracts with many vendors who are valuable resources of products and services necessary for operating the college in a productive and ecological manner. Departments are encouraged to seek information on products and services from these suppliers. As a member of the consortium, St. Olaf College is offered the lowest prices available. When purchasing products, please visit the ACTC Web site for a listing of these products and services.

St. Olaf College has a preferred vendor for purchasing office supplies.  Staples is part of our ACTC Joint Purchasing Consortium, and therefore, should be used when ordering office supplies. You may access their online ordering website (  using Internet Explorer or call 1-888-238-6329. Use your department purchase card for fast and convenient service.  Departments may purchase their own furniture with their departmental funds but all furniture purchases must be processed through Facilities to insure a uniform standard and quality. Please contact Bill Nelson in the Facilities Department when needing assistance.

St. Olaf College faculty, staff, and students receive college pricing through StaplesAdvantage for personal purchases.  For information on how to register for the St. Olaf College faculty, staff and student purchasing program contact Jim Christianson at Staples.

The St. Olaf College purchase card program is a cost-effective method of purchasing and paying for purchases and travel expenses. When a purchase order is required, please complete an on-line purchase requisition and forward it to the Vice President & Chief Financial Officer for processing. Purchasing procedures should be followed when ordering products for St. Olaf College.

Purchasing Information:

St. Olaf College Fixed Asset Management Procedures:

Property and equipment purchased with College funds, including grants and gifts, are College property.  Each department head is responsible for safeguarding all assigned assets. Click here for more information.