Procedures for Student Course Fee Charges

Title: Student Course Fee Charges Procedures
Effective Date: 08-01-202018
Issuing Authority: Controller
Contact: Student Accounts at or 507-786-3296 or 866-640-4702
Last Updated: 12-01-2017

Purpose of Procedures

St. Olaf College strives to minimize the fees that are charged to students in excess of the comprehensive fee.

Who needs to know these Procedures

All St. Olaf faculty and staff who previously charged items to a student’s tuition account.


Required fees or supplies that are used to enhance the learning experience of a course may be charged to a student’s account only if prior permission is granted by the Provosts Office and the fee is included in the Registrar’s course offering, prior to registering for the class.

Departments are not allowed to charge on a student’s account if the student is not notified in advance.