Wells Fargo Problems and How to Avoid Them

  • Mac Users– Use Firefox to access the Wells Fargo website.
  • PC Users – Use Chrome or Firefox to access the Wells Fargo website.
  • Ignore the following pop-up message if it appears: The CEO portal currently does not support your browser or operating system. You can access the CEO portal, but you may experience limited functionality or technical issues. For optimal performance on our portal, review the browser and system requirements. Contact IIT Help Desk (x3830) helpdesk@stolaf.edu, or your IIT Representative if you are experiencing problems you think may be related to the your browser, equipment, operating system etc.
  • You must hit “save” every 9 minutes. The software times out after 10 minutes if you don’t. It will not tell you that you have timed out, and if you continue to work, you will lose all your work.
  • You need to keep descriptions simple and forget everything you ever learned about good grammar and punctuation. The following cannot be used in the description box.
    1. < > “ ? % ; ( ) & + {} | ^ ~ [ ] ‘
    2. The enter key is the most problematic, because the system won’t tell you where it is!!
    3. Most punctuation
  • Sign-on problems
    1. If you make too many attempts to sign on that fail, you will need to call x3406 or x3792 for help resetting your password. Security is much higher in the banking world.
    2. Do not try to sign more than twice if you can’t get in. Instead stop and go to “change your password.”
  • Passwords change every 120 days.