Tax Information

Tax Policies & Guidelines

Information on Fellowships
Travel Expenses for Non-Honorarium Visitors
St. Olaf College Non-Resident Alien Procedures

St. Olaf College Exemption Certificates:
Federal Exemption Letter
MN Sales Tax Exempt Certificate
MN Rev ST3 Certificate of Exemption (print, sign, date)

St. Olaf College Tax Returns & Reports
IRS Form 990 (FY ending May 31):


IRS Form 990T (FY ending May 31):

Employee – Voluntary Veba Trust (IRS Form 990):
2013, 201220112010

Employer – Voluntary Veba Trust (IRS Form 990):
2013, 201220112010

Employee Retirement Funds (DOL Form 5500):
Match Plan (FY ending Dec 31):

2013. 201220112010

SRA Plan (FY ending Dec 31):
2013, 201220112010

VEBA Plan (FY ending Dec 31):
Other 5500’s available upon request by contacting the Payroll Office



Note: In order to access these forms, you must use Adobe Acrobat Reader. The newest version is free from Adobe’s Web site, or available on campus from the St. Olaf server.