In January, 2012 and again in January, 2014, the students in Prof. Chris Brunelle’s Classics 129 class (The Neverending Myth:  Ovid’s Metamorphoses)  joined forces with others from around the campus to read all 15 books of Ovid’s Metamorphoses aloud.  The event began at 9 a.m. in Buntrock Crossroads and ended shortly before midnight in the East Lantern of Tomson Hall.

Or indoors in January? See news story from 2012.

Book  4 Salmacis web

Book 4: Here comes Salmacis!

Book 8 ScyllaMinos birds web

Book 8: Scylla + Minos = birds


Book 12 Super Bowl XII Lapiths vs. Centaurs web

Book 12: Super Bowl XII Lapiths vs. Centaurs

Finale 2014 Metamorphomarathon web

Metamorphomarathon 2014: The Finale