Classics, Greek, Latin, Latin Education, Ancient Studies, Medieval Studies

Classics is the study of the Greeks and Romans—especially their languages (Greek and Latin)—and their interactions with other cultures, from 3000 BCE through medieval times. Learning classical languages is not only fun and exciting; it also improves students' verbal and analytical skills and gives them tools for studying the past and evaluating the present. Courses in ancient and medieval literature, history, philosophy, religion, political science, fine arts, and archaeology offer fascinating ways to explore the humanities, both on campus and abroad.

776 BCE - 393 CE

Lifespan of ancient Olympic Games

27 BCE - 476 CE

Lifespan of ancient Roman Empire

330 CE - 1453 CE

Lifespan of Byzantine Greek Empire

On Campus

A lively chapter of Eta Sigma Phi, hosting the national convention in 2019


Performances of ancient plays and other community involvement


A classics course taught in Greece or Italy every January