Classics Festival MMXIV

President Anderson welcomes 588 Minnesota Latin students in 7th-12th grades.

Schools represented at the Classics Festival:
Blake School (Hopkins)
Century High School (Rochester)
Christ’s Household of Faith (St. Paul)
Eagle Ridge Academy (Eden Prairie)
John Marshall High School (Rochester)
Mayo High School (Rochester)
Minnehaha Academy (Minneapolis)
Parnassus Preparatory School (Maple Grove)
Shattuck-St. Mary’s School (Faribault)
St. Croix Preparatory Academy (Stillwater)

A full legion of students from Christ’s Household of Faith

St. Olaf College – Northfield, Minnesota
Wednesday, November 5, 2014

9:00-9:30     Registration – Crossroads, Buntrock Commons
Display Classics Promotional Posters in Crossroads.

9:30-9:40     Welcome – Boe Memorial Chapel

9:40-10:00   Attendees led by St. Olaf students to one of four venues.

10:00-10:45 Session I

A. Archaeology at Petra, Jordon (Prof. Alex Knodell, Carleton College)
Tomson 280
B. Animals in the Roman World (Prof. Lisa Whitlatch, St. Olaf College)
Pause Mane Stage
C. Myth, Mask and Performance in Greek Drama (Prof. Clara Hardy, Carleton College)
Viking Theater
D. Latin Language and Music (Prof. Christopher Brunelle, St. Olaf College)
Urness Ricital Hall

10:45-11:05 Attendees led by St. Olaf Students to one of four venues.

11:05-11:50 Session II

A.  Archaeology at Antiochia ad Cragum, Turkey (Prof. Timothy Howe, St. Olaf College)
Tomson 280

B. Political Advertising in the Roman World (Prof. Kathryn Steed, Carleton College)
Pause Mane Stage

C. The Greek Trireme: Rowing a Warship (Prof. James May, St. Olaf College)
Viking Theater

D. Greek to me (and you!) (Prof. Chico Zimmerman, Carleton College)
Urness Ricital Hall

11:50-12:00   Attendees led by St. Olaf students to Fieldhouse, Skoglund Athletic Center.

12:00-12:45   Lunch – Fieldhouse

12:45-1:30     Classics Promotional Posters Presented; Contest Results Announced;
– Fieldhouse

1:30 Buses depart from Fieldhouse, Skoglund Athletic Center

Classics promotional poster (Christ’s Household of Faith)