Distinction in Classics, Ancient Studies, Medieval Studies

Students who graduated from St. Olaf College with distinction in Classics:

Devin P. Ames (2019) – “Implications of the ‘We-Passages’ in Acts”

Joseph A. C. Burkhart (2017) – “Something for Everyone: Slaves, Spectacles and Spectators in Plautine Comedy”

Kirby L. Schoephoerster (2017) – “The Colorful Tackle of Claudius Aelianus: An Investigation into the World of Fly Fishing, Color, and Gluttony in the De Natura Animalium

Grace B. Koch (2015) – “Cato the Younger Ages”

Rebecca A. Frank (2014) – “The Hero vs. the Tyrant: Legitimate and Illegitimate Rule in Plutarch’s Alexander-Caesar Pairing”

Elizabeth A. Beerman (2007) – “Praise of the Country Life:  Vergil’s Georgics 2.458-542.  A Translation and Commentary with Supplementary Essays”

Jennifer S. Starkey (2007) – “Spondaic Lines in Apollonius Rhodius’ Argonautica (with Hellenistic Perspective)”

Christopher A. Schifani (2005) – “Plato in the World: A Translation of Selected Platonic Epistles with Commentary and Notes”

Marquis S. Berrey (2003) – “Known for His Wisdom: An Assessment of Solon’s Ethical Thought by way of Comparison to Herodotus 1.29-33”

Matthew C. Steenberg (2001) – “2 Maccabees: A New Translation from the Septuagint, with Notes and Introduction”

Jeremiah J. Harrelson (1999) – “A Letter to the Saints in Colossae”

Catherine E. Kusske (1997) – “Dactylic Squeaks and Croaks: The Batrachomyomachia as a Parody of Homer”

Gwendolyn L. Compton (1992) – “Spatial Semantics in Euripides’ Medea

Joyce M. Scheitel (1978) – “Classical Rhetoric and Luke’s Rhetoric”

Kim Ann Severson (1978) – “Aristotle’s Concept of Hamartia: Action, Character, and Human Limitations”

Mark P. Gravrock (1973) – “Following Neoptolemus through the Philoctetes

Pamela L. Severson (1971) – “De Rerum Natura: The Outer Form of the Poem and Its Inner Hope”

Susan J. Lee (1969) – “Joseph Hall As Juvenalian Satirist”

Margaret Scarseth (1928) – “The Character of Aeneas” (Distinction in Latin)

Students who graduated from St. Olaf College with distinction in Ancient Studies:

Leif D. McLellan (2016) – “Family Feud: A Comparative Study of Roman and Early Christian Conceptions of Duty”

Students who graduated from St. Olaf College with distinction in Medieval Studies:

Jakob P. Janssen (2018) – “The Various Expressions in Princely Processions: A Survey of Ritual Adventus

Jennifer N. Easler (2010) – “Wycked and Synfull or Full Noble Knyght? The Portrayal of Gawain in Malory’s Le Morte Darthur

Stephanie L. Hill (1992) – “The Doleful Day: Malory’s Arthur and the Destruction of the Round Table”