A Tradition of Ancient Plays at St. Olaf

Curculio 2016 photo02 croppedCurculio 2016 photo13 croppedEvery other year, St. Olaf students perform one of Plautus’ Roman comedies or one of Menander’s Greek comedies in a musical mixture of English/Latin or English/Greek. Each performance runs 50-55 minutes with no intermission. The troupe goes on tour to other schools in the area.

Most recent production:  Plautus’ Curculio (2016). At left the slave Palinurus takes his master’s dogs for a walk; at right Curculio wears a furry disguise. Upcoming production: Menander’s Dyskolos (March 7-10, 2018).

For more on the plays, see this article in Didaskalia. DVD’s are available from the director, Prof. Anne Groton.