Setting Up an Interview

Submit application packet online

  • Fill out an Interview Form (Google Form – applicant use ONLY) to request a Health Professions Interview by April 3.
  • On this form you will list 3-5 faculty to fill out an Evaluation Form (Google Form – faculty use ONLY).To preview PDF:Faculty Evaluation for HPC – Spring 2018 – Google Forms. This form is for all schools, including medical, dental, and other health profession related schools. Students may ask members of the HPC to fill out a form if they know the student well. Please note that as the Chair of the Health Professions Committee, Professor Kevin Crisp does NOT fill out evaluation forms for students. Students should NOT use this form for anyone outside of St. Olaf – those recommendations will factor in later in the process. Faculty evaluations are also due by April 3.
  • Once you have access to your centralized application:
    • MD Schools: Email Laurie a copy of your AMCAS letter request form (the one with your AAMC ID# and AMCAS Letter ID# on it).  For Texas Medical Schools, email Laurie your TMDSAS # with a list of schools.  Laurie doesn’t need a list of med schools, but does need to know if you are applying to schools in Texas, or to any of the following: Shreveport LSU School of Medicine, Sackler Schools of Medicine New York, St. Georges University School of Medicine, Trinity School of Medicine.
    • DO Schools: Email Laurie your AACOMAS # and the names of all the DO schools you are applying to.
    • Dental Schools: Email Laurie your ADEA # (or TMDSAS # for Texas Dental schools) and list of all Dental schools you’ll apply to.
    • Optometry Schools: Email Laurie your Opt ID# and a list of schools you’ll apply to.
    • Podiatry Schools: Email Laurie your Pod ID # and a list of schools you’ll apply to (some use Virtual Evals)
    • Overseas Schools: Email Laurie names of schools you’ll apply to
    • Postbac programs: Email Laurie names of schools you’ll apply to (some use Virtual Evals).

Preparing for Your HPC Interview

There is a link at the bottom of this page to a calendar ( where you will be able to sign up for a 20-minute interview with two members of the HPC.  Along with signing up for an interview spot please be sure to complete the submission process of your Interview Form.  Interviews will be held here on campus.  HPC interviews will be open file, meaning the interviewers will have read your interview form, personal statement, and transcript. Doing a practice interview with the Piper Center prior to your HPC interview is highly recommended, as is meeting with your HPC interviewers in the days following your interview for feedback. Your HPC interview is both practice and an evaluation, and will be used to write your HPC committee letter. Treat your HPC interview exactly as you would an actual professional school interview.

Scheduling HPC Interview

Please use the link below to schedule your HPC Interview.