Polish and refine your career goals, while gaining the competence that comes from experience.

  • September – March: Determine which schools you are interested in, taking into account residency, GPA, etc. 
  • September – November: Consider an internship during Interim. 
  • September – March: Determine the optimal time to take any entrance exam (DAT, GRE, MCAT, etc.). Understand registration deadlines, the time it takes for scores to be sent to institutions, and how regularly you are allowed to take the test. There are free preparation materials available to students in the Piper Center.
  • March: Fill out an Interview Form (student use ONLY) to request an interview with the Health Professions Committee (if needed or recommended) early in the spring. You can type this form, but you will not be able to save it unless you have Adobe Writer; print and sign this form. Contact Laurie Prior with questions about HPC interviews.
  • March: Consult the English Department’s recommendation guide to assist you in preparing to speak with faculty members regarding letters of recommendation and be ready to share transcripts, resumes, personal statements, and/or copies of research papers in order to assist them in commenting on your strengths. If requesting an HPC interview, you will need to ask 3-5 faculty to fill out an Evaluation Form. Finally, be sure to bring the official recommendation forms (if they are not electronic) along with stamped, addressed envelopes for convenience.
  • May: Complete all requirements for the program of interest.
  • May – June: Initiate the application in a timely manner. 
  • June – July: Complete the application as early as possible and request the appropriate transcripts be sent. 
  • May – August: Check deadlines! Keep track of your applications. 

– Ted Johnson, Finding Your Way to a Career in the Health Professions