Norwegian House (Norskhuset)

House The Norwegian House (Swanson House) is one of several Honor Houses at St. Olaf College. It is a two-story home with two bedrooms on the first floor and three on the second floor, providing space for five students. This fall, there are five students living in the house, one Norwegian and four Americans.
The students living in the Norwegian House have two main goals: 1) to create a Norwegian environment in the house by speaking Norwegian on a regular basis and incorporating Norwegian culture into their daily routine, and 2) to organize a variety of co-curricular activities for St. Olaf students as well as larger public events for the entire Northfield community. The Norwegian House co-sponsors many of its activities with the on-campus Norwegian Club. See the photo galleries below.

Students in the Norwegian House

The Norwegian Language Assistant for the 2019-2020 academic year is Truls Hansen. In addition, there are four American students in the house.  The students in the house organize weekly events such as Norwegian Conversation Table and Homework Help as well as larger events such as the Film Series, the Christmas Chapel, and the 17th of May Breakfast.


Norwegian House Applications:

(Norwegian Language Assistant Application / Resident Application).

Photos: 2007-08

(Welcome Party 2007 / Conversation Table 2007 / Julegudstjeneste 2007 / 17th of May 2008)

Photos: 2005-06 
(Welcome Party 2005 / Conversation Table 2005 / Julegudstjeneste 2005 /
Scandinavian Retreat 2005 / 17th of May Breakfast 2006 / Welcome Party 2006 /
Norwegian House 2006)