Nordic Studies Concentration Course Requirements (new Fall ’21)

8 courses (can be fulfilled with 7.5 credits)

The Nordic studies concentration at St. Olaf College is designed to meet the needs of students who wish to gain an interdisciplinary understanding of the Nordic region. Students complete foundational courses in Norwegian language before pursuing intermediate to advanced proficiency. In addition, students take a variety of courses on Nordic language, culture, and society from a variety of departments and/or disciplinary perspectives, including at least one course that explores diversity, inequality, and social justice in the Nordic context. Students also have many opportunities to complete coursework through study and/or internship opportunities in one or more Nordic countries. This concentration combines well with a variety of majors, allowing students to explore central academic questions within the distinctive context of the Nordic region. 

Foundational courses (in Norwegian):   

____ NORW 111 ____ NORW 112 ____ NORW 231

Intermediate Course (in Norwegian):

____ 1 200 or 300 level course partially or fully in Norwegian *must total at least .50   

Current offerings:

NORW 296: Internship

NORW 205: FLAC: Nature

NORW 244: FLAC: Sámi
NORST 277: FLAC: Islamic Communities
ISS Grammar or nynorsk course 


Cultural and Historical Perspectives (in English):

____ 1 course that critically examines questions of Nordic diversity, inequity, and social justice. Current offerings:

NORW 244: Sámi: Traditions in Transition
NORW 224: Rewriting Nordic identity

NORST 277: Islamic Communities in Scandinavia
ENVST 283: Journeys: Literature of the North

NORST 264: Explorations of Gender and sexuality

PSYCH 232: Gender Equality in Norway

____ 3 additional courses course from approved list (many from across the college)