Co-Curricular Activities

Purpose of the Activities Requirement:

Your study of Norwegian includes individual homework assignments, group homework assignments, and co-curricular activities. The purpose of the activities requirement is to provide you with many opportunities to use your Norwegian outside class in more informal, real-world settings or for you to learn and experience Norwegian culture. These activities will help you to improve your speaking and listening skills, acquire a better understanding of modern Norwegian culture, and give you the chance to get to know the professors, the students and guests from Norway, as well as other St. Olaf students studying Norwegian. Since there will be many co-curricular activities offered each semester, you may choose the types of events that are most interesting and helpful for you. Please see the department calendar for the current schedule of events.

See your course syllabus for the specific dates the responses are due, but in general you should attend half of the required events before mid-term and half afterwards. We recommend that you make a plan for completing this requirement at the beginning of the semester.