Norwegian Major

A Norwegian major consists of nine courses in Norwegian language, literature, and history.

7 courses are sequential courses in the Norwegian language:

  1. Norw. 111: Beginning Norwegian I
  2. Norw. 112: Beginning Norwegian II
  3. Norw. 231: Intermediate Norwegian I (FOL-N)
  4. Norw. 232: Intermediate Norwegian II (FOL-N)
  5. Norw. 253: Advanced Conversation and Composition (ORC, FOL-N)
  6. Norw. 371: Norw. Literature from the Saga Period to the Present (ALS-L, WRI, FOL-N)
  7. Norw. 372: Topics in Norwegian Literature or Culture  (FOL-N)

2 of the courses can be in English or Norwegian

  1. A course on Norwegian or Scandinavian Culture (for example: History 222: Modern Scandinavian History (HWC), Norwegian 130, 140, 240, Art and Art History 266)
  2. One additional upper-level course: (for example: 224: Topics in Norwegian Literature (ALS-L), 240 Vikings in Literature: Medieval to Modern (ALS-L, ORC), 244 The Sámi: Traditions in Transition (HBS, ORC, MCG), 282: Ibsen (EIN), 294/394: Internship, 298/398: Independent Study or Research

Click here to download a Norwegian Major planning sheet.

Students are strongly encouraged to study for a summer, semester, or a full year in Norway (see Study in Scandinavia). Students are also encouraged to apply for the new Interim program, Oslo Internship & Reflection Seminar.