All the Course we have had in the last five years

NORW 111 Beginning Norwegian I
NORW 112 Beginning Norwegian II
NORW 130 Nordic Film Today
NORW 140 Norway: Contin/Change
NORW 140L FLAC- Norwegian
NORW 224 Top: Contemporary Nordic Lit
NORW 224 Top: Lit and Film on the Holocaust
NORW 224 Top: Nordic Folklore
NORW 224 Top: Nordic Nature
NORW 224L FLAC – Norwegian
NORW 224 Top: Rewriting Nordic Identities
NORW 231 Intermed Norwegian I
NORW 232 Intermed Norwegian II
NORW 240 Vikings Past and Present
NORW 244 Sami: Tradistion/Transition
NORW 246 Munch and Nordic Lit
NORW 253 Adanced Conv & Comp
NORW 260 Intro to Germanic Linguistics
NORW 282 Ibsen
NORW 294 Academic Internship
NORW 296 Oslo Internship Reflection Seminar
NORW 298A Nordic Folklife Study
NORW 371 Norwegian Literature: An Overview
NORW 372 Top: TV & Sprak
NORW 372 Top: Barnelitteratur
NORW 372 Top: Livs – og aarshoeytider
NORW 372 Topics in Norwegian Lit/Culture
NORW 394 Academic Internship