Norwegian Genealogy Research Resources

“Norwegian Roots”: A research guide to finding “family members, farms and communities in historic Norway,” created by librarians at St. Olaf.

“Norwegian Immigrants”: A research guide designed to help people find their family members in the United States, rather than find information about their roots in Norway. Created by librarians at St. Olaf.

Genealogy at NAHA (The Norwegian-American Historical Association): A list of genealogy resources that can be found in the NAHA archives at St. Olaf.

Digitalarkivet: Digital Archives is a public service from the National Archives of Norway. You can search in transcribed source material, such as census reports and church records, for free.

DIS-Norge (DIS-Norway): The Norwegian Genealogy Association is a membership organization (NOK 400/year), but some resources are available to non-members.

Arne G. Brekke Bygdebok Collection: A collection of bygdebøker (local histories) housed at the University of North Dakota.