Norwegian Major (Students Prior to 2021)

In the 2021-2022 academic year, the Norwegian Department will enter a transition period, as we begin to phase in a new set of requirements. The new requirements for the Norwegian major will apply to all students who enter the college in Fall 2021 and after.

This page outlines the “old” requirements for the Norwegian major. Students who began their studies at St. Olaf prior to the fall of 2021 are likely to have the option of continuing with the old requirements for the Norwegian major. Changing to the new set of requirements for the Norwegian major may also require changing to the new OLE Core general education curriculum for your general education requirements. Please contact the Registrar’s Office for further information.

Please see the college catalog for more information (here). The college catalog is the official record of the requirements for all majors.

The Norwegian major consists of 9 courses.  
7 courses must be in Norwegian, the remaining 2 can be in English or Norwegian.

The first 5 Norwegian language courses are sequential:

  • NORW 111: Beginning Norwegian I
  • NORW 112: Beginning Norwegian II
  • NORW 231: Intermediate Norwegian I
  • NORW 232: Intermediate Norwegian II
  • NORW 253: Advanced Conversation & Composition

The final two Norwegian courses can be taken in either order:
NORW 371: Norwegian Literature: An Overview
NORW 372: Advanced Topics Course (topic rotates each year)

The additional two courses taken need to meet these requirements.
+ 1 course on history or culture
+ 1 upper-level course

Read more about the Intended Learning Outcomes of the Norwegian Major here.