A Typical Class

Statistically speaking, the average course size in the Norwegian Department over the past five years is 16.6 students.
Our 100-level courses have a yearly average of 17.7 students.
Our 200-level courses 17.8 and our 300-level courses have 6.5.

Because of these class sizes, we get to know our students quite well. Additionally, students tell us that their closest friends are those in these classes because they are encouraged to work in groups and to use the language with each other.

We typically sit in small groups and do activities designed to improve reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. These include games, skits and dialogs, collaborative writing, and discussion of authentic Norwegian materials. Even at the beginning level, students encounter texts made by and for Norwegians, including social media posts, commercials, songs, clips from TV and film, infographics, and current events. These are used not only to teach language but also to provide vivid illustrations of Norwegian society and culture. Students are often invited to make comparisons between Norway and their home cultures and to reflect on social and cultural diversity.

Professors in our language classes often act more as a facilitator rather than a lecturer. Students are introduced to basic grammar concepts and vocabulary in their homework, much of which is done on online platforms created by faculty in our department. This allows professors to devote class time to answering student questions, giving opportunities for students to practice and get feedback in real time, and facilitating reflective conversations about society and culture.