Nordic Studies Concentration

Nordic Studies Program

The Nordic Studies concentration at St. Olaf College is an individualized study of the history, literature, societies, and cultures of the Nordic countries: Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. The concentration is designed to meet the needs of students who desire a more comparative, international, or interdisciplinary study of the Nordic region than that offered through the Norwegian major. It is a self-designed combination of courses, approved by the Director of Nordic Studies (always the chair of the Norwegian Department, currently Kari Lie Dorer).
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St. Olaf Nordic StudiesThe Nordic studies concentration consists of five courses:

  • One Norwegian language course beyond FOL-N. For example, Norwegian 232: Intermediate Norwegian II (or above) or; advanced intermediate knowledge of a different Nordic language.
  • One or two other courses from Norwegian department offerings selected from Norwegian 130, 140, 224, 240, 244, 253, 282, 371, 372, or others, as approved by the director.
  • Two or three courses from other departments, such as History 222, Philosophy 233, or other courses with significant content relating to the Nordic countries.
  • Up to three courses from study abroad programs such as DIS, HECUA: The New Norway, and university direct enroll programs may be counted toward the Nordic Studies concentration.
  • At least two of the five courses must have a focus on at least one Nordic country other than Norway.

To become a Nordic Studies Concentrator, contact Kari Lie Dorer, Director of Nordic Studies, and inform the registrar by filling out the form in SIS.