Useful Websites

Information about Norway

  • “This is Norway 2018”: Compilation of facts and figures about Norway published by Statistics Norway (SSB)
  • “Women and Men in Norway 2018”: How different is Norway from other nations with respect to gender equality? This booklet by Statistics Norway (SSB) provides the latest facts and figures on gender and society in Norway.
  • “Store norske leksikon”: Encyclopedia containing articles on nature & technology, history & society, as well as art & culture (in Norwegian)

Information about the Nordic Region

  • Nordic Studies Midwest: Links to useful resources for studying or visiting Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland


Scholarly Journals- Open Access

  • Idunn: Idunn houses many open access journals including:
    • Edda (Scandinavian Journal of Literary Research)
    • Kunst og kultur (Norges eldste kunsthistoriske tidsskrift)
    • Nordisk poesi (Scandinavian Poetry: Journal of Poetry Research)
    • Norsk sosiologisk tidsskrift (Norwegian Journal of Sociology)
    • Norsk statsvitenskapelig tidsskrift (political science)