Norwegian Major (Fall 2021 and After)

In the 2021-2022 academic year, the Norwegian Department will enter a transition period, as we begin to phase in a new set of requirements.

This page summarizes the new requirements for the Norwegian major. These requirements will apply to all students who enter St. Olaf in the fall of 2021 or thereafter.

Students who began their studies at St. Olaf prior to the fall of 2021 are likely to have the option of continuing with the old requirements for the Norwegian major. Changing to the new set of requirements for the Norwegian major may also require changing to the new OLE Core general education curriculum. Please contact the Registrar’s Office for further information.

Please see the college catalog for more information (here). The college catalog is the official record of the requirements for all majors.

NORWEGIAN MAJOR (NEW) 10 courses (can be fulfilled w/ 9.50 credits)

Foundational courses (in Norwegian):

  • NORW 111
  • NORW 112
  • NORW 231
  • NORW 232
  • NORW 253* *This is the highest level that students can place into

Cultural and Historical Perspectives (in English):

____ 1 course which critically examines Norwegian diversity, inequality and social justice. Current offerings:

NORW 244: Sámi: Traditions in Transition
NORW 224: Rewriting Nordic identity

NORST 277: Islamic Communities in Scandinavia

ENVST 283: Arctic Journeys: Literature of the North

NORST 264: Explorations of Gender and Sexuality

PSYCH 232: Gender Equality in Norway

____ 1 additional Humanities course from approved list (NORW & HIST)

____ 1 additional course from approved list (Norwegian or Nordic)

Advanced Courses (in Norwegian):

____ 2: 300 level courses entirely in Norwegian


____ 1: 200 or 300 level course partially in Norwegian *must total at least .50 credit
Current offerings:

NORW 296: Internship

NORW 205: FLAC: Nature

NORW 244: FLAC: Sami
ISS Grammar or nynorsk course 

____ 1: 300 level course entirely in Norwegian