Nordic Studies Major Course Requirements

10 courses (can be fulfilled in 9.50 credits)

Foundational courses (in Norwegian):
____ NORW 111 ____ NORW 112
____ NORW 231 ____ NORW 232

Intermediate Course (in Norwegian):
____ 1 200 or 300 level course partially or fully in Norwegian from approved list
*can be a partial course (must total at least .50). Current offerings:

NORW 296: Internship
NORW 205: FLAC: Nature
NORW 244: FLAC: Sami
ISS Grammar or nynorsk course

Cultural and Historical Perspectives (in English):
____ 1 course which critically examines Nordic diversity, inequality and social justice

Current offerings:
NORW 244: Sámi: Traditions in Transition
NORW 224: Rewriting Nordic identity
ENVST 283: Journeys: Literature of the North
NORST 264: Explorations of Gender and Sexuality
PSYCH 232: Gender Equality in Norway
NORST 277: Islamic Communities in Scandinavia

____ 1 course which examines the Nordic languages from a comparative perspective

Current offerings:
NORW 260: Germanic Linguistics
Proposed for Spring 2022: Germanic Multiethnolects

____ 2 additional courses course from approved list (many from across the college)

____ 1 300 level course

NORST or NORW 398 (IR)
**** Rand Scholar (IR) in some cases

Notes: Students completing both the Norwegian and the Nordic Studies Major must have at
least 15 total courses. In the case of a student who tests out of the foundational courses, 11
courses are required.