Southeastern University

USN is one of Norway’s largest universities


Andreas Zedrosser, ” USN is a small University but at the same time, it’s a big university in a sense that there is a lot of students, you can do lots of things, you can study in different directions, but at the same time it’s small in the sense that it’s very personal, you get to know people, you meet people, it’s easy to get in contact with teachers and students. So, it’s a small and big university at the same time.


Studying at USN offers you a unique experience and gives you skills and knowledge that will make a difference for your future.

Southeastern University

The University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) is one of Norway’s largest universities.

20,000 Students

"I didn't realize how international the classroom and professor would be, but actually international community is very well represented, so we have teachers from Japan, Brazil, England, Finland and students from Australia, Japan, Bangladesh, USA, so we have quite an international community in the classroom and it adds a lot of value to the topic." -Alyssa Valyka,

1500 Employees

USN is a young school, but it has long traditions, especially when it comes to educational programs and research that is engaged in regional development. At the same time, our programs are internationally oriented and internationally competitive when it comes to academic standards. -Peter Aasen

Over 8 campuses

“I think USN is really good for exchange students, we have a great opportunity to experience Norwegian life and culture and amazing landscape, meet some amazing friends from all around the world and to study in really good facilities in the university. It’s absolutely fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone.” -Ben Hool