Course Requirements for the Sámi and Critical Indigenous Studies emphasis


Foundational courses
NORW 244 The Sámi: Traditions in Transition 1.00
RACE 252 Top: Theories of Race, Ethnicity, and Indigeneity
Elective courses (minimum of two) 2.00
To count towards the emphasis, students must have a project/paper connected to Norwegian/Nordic colonialism.
Top: Arctic Journeys: Literature of the North
Nature in Nordic Literature and Culture
Topics in Norwegian Literature/Culture (taught in Norwegian; counts if topic is relevant)
Introduction to Musicology
Music and Social Justice
World Music
A Sociology of Colonialism and Postcolonialism
Off-campus study courses from DIS-Copenhagen; Postcolonial Europe: Narrative, Nationalism, and Race; and Arctic Geopolitics
Total Credits 4