Non-Degree Post-Graduate Opportunities

Post-Graduate Fellowship Opportunities

The American-Scandinavian Foundation
  • Description: The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) offers fellowships and grants to individuals to pursue research, study, or creative arts projects in one or more Scandinavian country for up to one year. Eligible countries are Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland.
  • Type of Scholarship: Fellowships for up to $23,000 (intended to support a year-long stay) and grants for up to $5,000 for shorter-term projects are available.
  • Eligibility: U.S. citizen or permanent resident; must have completed undergraduate education by the start of the project.
  • Deadline: November 1 the year before the start of the project; decisions are announced April 15.
Fulbright Fellowships

Fulbright Study/Research Awards allow U.S. citizens to design their own projects and work with advisers at foreign universities and institutes of higher education. Fulbright awards are available in approximately 140 countries; each has its own program requirements, so an applicant’s first step is to familiarize themself with the program summary for the desired country. Links to Fulbright Study/Research Awards available in the Nordic countries are below.

Fulbright Study/Research Awards in Norway

Fulbright Study/Research Awards in Sweden

Fulbright Study/Research Awards in Denmark

Fulbright Study/Research Awards in Finland

Fulbright Study/Research Awards in Iceland


English Teaching Assistant (ETA) awards place Fulbright grantees in classrooms abroad to provide assistance to local English teachers. ETAs teach English while serving as cultural ambassadors to the US. The age and academic level of the students varies by country, ranging from kindergarten to university level.

ETA positions are available in Norway alone of the Nordic countries: Fulbright ETA in Norway

Applications for Fulbright fellowships are due in October of each year; however, St. Olaf has an internal deadline students must follow. For more information about applying for Fulbright awards, click here.